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 Site Rules

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PostSubject: Site Rules   Site Rules I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 02, 2012 11:57 am

Generic Rules:

1. There is no swearing. If you feel the need to swear in order to enhance your writing and add emphasis, then please censor it.
-Damn and hell are exempt as they are incredibly common.
2. There is no Powerplay allowed on this site.
3. You are not allowed to Roleplay deities.
-Leave that to the Admins.
4. You are not allowed to go whining to the Admins for a high position.
5. Do not post in places where you are not allowed.
6. There is no sexual talk, please.
-Seriously uncool, keep it PG-13 at the most.
7. No online dating and do not use the site to give each other dating advice
-If you want to find someone, go to a dating website or just get off your tail and find someone in the real world.
8. Plagiarism is not only illegal, but frowned upon here and everywhere else come to think about it, so please try your hardest not to plagiarize.
9. Spam is not allowed.

Roleplaying Rules:

1. You must have a character approved before beginning to Roleplay.
-You start out with seven slots, and one Legacy
2. There is absolutely no Powerplaying or Godmoding.
3. Perfect characters are not allowed as we are all flawed.
4. No vehicles or firearms are allowed as what transpires all takes place before such inventions.
5. Quests must be approved by the Admins - do not start one without asking one or giving us a heads up.
6. Do not interfere with the quests, it is rude as well as annoying to those involved.
7. Admins MUST approve a godly gift given to a character before you bestow it.
8. Post must be of at least one hundred words. None of us expect you to post a novel, but a decent post that takes time and effort is expected.
9. Do what you can to use proper grammar. Poor grammar not only annoys people who care about writing, but it also looks sloppy and unprofessional.
10. No text-talking in posts of any sort except in the chat box. Even there, try to use complete words and sentences, but you don't have to.  
11. Repeated use of very poor grammar by a user multiple times in multiple posts may result in a ban after said user has been adequately warned because we have very high standards for all of you here.

What You Can Buy:

250 Tokens: Name Change
2500 Tokens: Extra Character Slot
-You start out with seven, one of them being a Legacy
10000 Tokens: Extra Legacy Slot

PM an Admin if you want to buy something in purple so that they will know that you have read the rules.

Punishments for Rule Breakage:

First Offense: You will be PMed a warning by a Moderator or Administrator.
Second Offense: You will be PMed a second warning.
Third Offense: There will be a two day ban with no warning, due to two previous warnings.
Fourth Offense: An admin will warn you that it is your fourth offence and will administer a one week ban.
Fifth Offense: There will be a warning that this is your last warning before being permanently banned, before you will receive a month-long ban.
Sixth Offense: Since you will have been banned numerous times before, this will be a permanent ban.
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Site Rules
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