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 Scopulous Information

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Mount Superior and Avalanche Peak
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In short, Mount Superior and Avalanche Peak were once the same volcano. An eruption from Superior caused part of the volcano to cave in and a huge rockfall. Because of this, the second peak that rises out of the slightly smaller volcano was dubbed 'Avalanche Peak' by an Elf who happened to be present on the day of the eruption. Unfortunately, his burns did not enable him to live long enough to see the Dwarfs that had tried to save him uphold the name. Mount Superior has only erupted twice more after that, and both times the eruptions have been vertical. However, Avalanche Peak has been slowly swelling sideways for several years and it is anticipated by the Dwarf people and the Fire Legacies that know the ways of the volcano that the next eruption will be horizontal.

The Tunnels and The Forges
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The tunnels under the Dwarfish lands were carved long ago by their ancestors and are older than living memory. The floors are worn smooth by the millions of Dwarfs tramping along over the centuries. Those that live there now sometimes have to create new passageways, but this doesn't happen all that often anymore because the most important tunnels are the ancient ones. Cave-ins are rare and seldom happen, especially in the older tunnels. If a younger tunnel is dug with great haste, chances of falling in are increased, but even when building in a hurry, Dwarfs are masters at their work. The forges are their pride and joy however, for Dwarfs are the greatest smiths there are and their work is highly valued throughout the realms. Their workplaces are hidden deep beneath the earth an no strangers have are permitted to behold them. Despite all this, Dwarfs are not the only creatures to dwell beneath the earth. Different Goblin species, both hostile and friendly, also dwell in abandoned sectors, creating their own mines and places of safety. Willo-The-Wisps also lurk, bright blue lights in the dark to draw the unwary away and lead them astray.

Crystal Cavern
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No one knows how the Crystal Cavern formed or when the Dwarfs first discovered it even, but is a place held sacred by their people. It is part of the rite of passage ceremony that young Dwarfs go through to earn their rites into the community. There is always one Dwarf at a time who practices as a healer and they train a handpicked apprentice to follow in their footsteps. It is in the Cavern that they dwell, for it is believed that the Crystals give them a direct way to connect with their ancestors. They are held in the highest reverence and they are more than hesitant to allow strangers in.

The Trading Post
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Since the Dwarf people that call Scopulous home live under the earth, there is little that they can do for themselves in regards to providing themselves with the essentials. Instead of making a long, tedious journey up to Paludem a trading post was established between the two for the greater convenience of both sides. They meet half way to exchange goods and, in the end, it is an arrangement that works best for the good of all. Instead of being located anywhere directly in the forbidding realm of Scopulous, it is located farther upriver where the Dedscio still flows, but still within the boundaries of the Dwarfish realm.

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Scopulous Information
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