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 Golden Blood

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PostSubject: Golden Blood   Golden Blood I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 05, 2012 7:32 pm

Zoey Serpentory, chapter one (WIP)

Just to reach out. It wa sso real, so real to Zoey. She touched it. The moldy skin, the dust that formed out his mouth when he talked. She didn't know, but that dream happened two weeks ago right? She doesn't remember now, she just knew he came back. Turning her heaven dream into one of death, the ground shaking and splitting up into two separate areas. And finally the earth died and then the dark clouds appeared and once she blinked he appeared. She panted. Turning around to run, it never happened though, he appeared, grabbing Zoey by the waist and pulling her close so he could whisper in her ear."Thou parished, he is almost lost, lose your body and become the spirit, use it grandaughter of Aya, use it!" His voice died off with a cough." The gods have blessed you for a reason Zoey." As he fade the words ringed in her head.The gods have blessed you for a reason. Speechless, Zoey had no thought as she began to fade too, awakening to see the elders of her tribe stand above her, they cheered. Her grandmother pulled Zoey into a hug and clinged to her shoulder as they grew apart, with one hand, she stroked her granddaughter's hair." My beautiful grand baby." She started to cry as she looked up." Thank you spiritual maiden goddess." She called out. Finally Erebus appeared. He was chief of the tribe, a middle aged man with a gray and black beard, his hair too was the color but pulled back as he nodded."Clear out!" He told the tribe members who stood reliefed, her grandmother looked at Erebus, she nodded.

"We are glad you hath come awake child. Your markings, lost there color, your skin, it grew pale. You stopped breathing after struggling for it." Erebus told her in a deep voice. He patted her a little on the leg.

" I was so worried, the elders and I summoned the maiden goddess to help you." Her grandmother awed, hugging her again. The maiden goddess. She was a legacy before she was a goddess, a spirit legacy is what she was. Nobody knew the maiden spirit's name they just knew she protected their tribe. Zoey was dedicated to her now. The markings on her face and body indicated she was a warrior of the maiden goddess, as a spirit legacy and a woman. Zoey sat up.

"Grandmother, he came back." Zoey whispered and quikly her eyes were filled with tears.

"Tell me child, what he's told." Her grandmother started lighting candles, one made of bee's honey, they used them to protect the tribe, summon the maiden goddess to stick around.

"He haths told me the same as last, he's mentioned your named, Aya?" She spoke up. It was new to her, when the dream first came, no Aya was mentioned when the dream first happened.

" Yes, Aya was the title I was given." She told her. Aya. She hasn't been called that in years. It was the name she was given when she was born, but no one ever heard it because she was Grandmother Priestess or sapientia. But Aya... it was a name she was given and was never used for awhile. But there was a reason he used Aya, instead of the names she was given becoming an elder. Aya, was a special woman who was involed in something big. Aya, was once part of a act, that changed alot. Zoey shook it off."I want to know what it means." Zoey told her."The dream. The wailing spirit covered in a cloak, black." She remembered the dream, letting it play over and over.

"You will find out soon, until then sleep, may the Maiden goddess be with you." Her grandmother bowed before leaving the tent, and silently Erebus followed.

Zoey had no more trouble in her dream as she woke up. She got up and put on a blanket, she needed a bath, walking out with her clothes. Good nobody is really up, she picked the best scented flowers and walked to the stream. She hurridly washed up and put on her blue dress and black buckle, she went back to her tribe. When she finished at least some of the men were awake, they were probably out to hunt, which means she had to start her chores. She was the one to gather water and the fruits. Esemii finally appeared, hands folded as she began to float behind Zoey and Fadel, Zoey put the basket s on Fadel, there was a way she could hold them, and this was the way.

Lady Troian and her companions


Zoey Serpentory and her companions
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Golden Blood
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