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 1st Character

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PostSubject: 1st Character   1st Character I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 17, 2013 12:59 am

Given Name: Proxy Rollings

True Name: Proximite Swift-Hands

Age: 19

Gender: male

Eye Color: hazel

Hair: Short and spiky (like a modern day hair style)

Skin Color: slightly tan

Height: 6'2

Physical Description: lean and muscular

Personality: Clumsy, a real mess. A flirt, but not a good one at that.

Type of Creature: Human

Mother: Minerva Patricks

Father: Bason Strong-Arm

Realm of Origin: Paludem

Animal Companion(Optional): none

Talents: Incredible at archery, has a high tolerance to alcohol, his persuasion skills are honed, and has very "sticky fingers."(he can pickpocket quite well)

Weapon*: Iron dagger and an oakwood longbow.

Flaws**: Screws up on the most crucial moments, he always overestimates himself, tries to always use his charms to slip out of trouble.

Powers(Optional): None.

Backstory***: Proxy was just a rogue before he got into the kingdom. A low-life thief. He stole from the rich and helped the poor. He thought of himself as a sort of Robin Hood. He was as modest as he could be, but always taking on the chance to flirt with a few women. None of his attempts at actually getting some love from a woman worked, so he was typically the average male. Proxy was trapped one day by a bounty hunter and brought to the kingdom. "Please spare me! I will do anything! Just please..." he pleaded as the executioner came by. He was then released into the custody of the Kingdom's Archers. He thought of it ironic that he was once a thief, but now working for the law.

Roleplay Example***: Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap. Proxy thought as he ran through the woods, the Kingdom's soldiers right on is heels. He was out of bows, his sword was lost as he brawled with a guard earlier, and he was out of luck. Proxy finally surrendered and stopped running. "Okay... you got me..." he said as the guards put the cuffs on. As he was being taken back to the Kingdom, he spied a woman watching them from the distant. "Hey... who's that..?" Proxy muttered. "Shut up and keep moving!" The guard yelled and shoved Proxy forward. "Hey, easy now cowboy." He taunted. "Why you -" the guards started to beat down Proxy. He knew at that moment that it would be a long day.

Any notes about your characters: None.
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PostSubject: Re: 1st Character   1st Character I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 25, 2013 8:07 pm

Can you go deeper into his personality? Really tell us who this guy is!

Please elaborate on his backstory. It looked like all you were trying to do was get in the necessary sentence requirement. However, now that you have done so it is just as necessary to explain how things happened, why, and his motives. For example, why was he a rogue? What happened to his parents? Why did he think of himself as a Robin Hood-type character, and why did he try so hard to be modest? When you say "his attempts at actually getting some love", what was he after? Was he looking for sex or a lasting relationship? What happened to lead up t his capture, what happened during the execution that moved him to be released? When did he start working for the law?

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1st Character
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