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 Crystal Cavern

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Crystal Cavern - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Crystal Cavern   Crystal Cavern - Page 3 I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 30, 2013 7:14 pm

Minerva beamed, the last testament to her old beauty; though her body was old and wrinkled, her smile was still youthful and full of life. Phantasia purred (for big cats do purr you know) and nuzzled Minerva's leg with her head. Minerva chuckled and reached down to pet the rare-colored cat, scratching her age old companion behind the ears. The old witch smiled down at the cat, who in turn, smiled right back. But cursed be the waning memory! For when she looked up, Minerva had no recollection of what she was doing here... Or where Alrog went for that matter.

"Alrog?" The old witch called. "Alrog, old friend? Blast it, where have you gone? I haven't scared you off, have I?" She added with a chuckle. She licked her rather dry lips, and kicked off her high heeled shoes, wandering about the lovely crystal cave in search for her old friend (old being the key word here).

It was a solid fifteen minutes with no luck of finding the half dwarf, and Phantasia began to get rather restless. The winged tiger stretched out her wings, fluttering them, scratched herself, chased shadows, chased her tail, and paced around, showing her human companion that she was upset. Now, any another living being on the planet, at seeing this display, would have grown worried, fearing the tiger was in some sort of distress. But not Minerva. No, the old witch knew Phantasia far too well. The cat was in no sort of distress, neither physical nor emotion, but she was bored. Minerva learned along time ago that chasing around everything that moved wasn't good for the attention span. And Phantasia was no exception to that. She was a finicky cat, and rather fussy. She got bored quite easily, and when she was bored, she got rather upset.

Minerva chuckled at the behavior of her companion. "A bit bored now are we, Phant?" She asked with a chuckled. The tiger shot her a glare. The old witch only seemed to smile more. "Alright, alright. I can't seem to find Alrog, and I'm not getting any younger, so we may as well leave, then. Come, now, adventure awaits us!"

Minerva Giovanna~Human Witch~76

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Crystal Cavern
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