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 Dark Creatures Live In The Dark Forest

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PostSubject: Re: Dark Creatures Live In The Dark Forest    Mon Oct 07, 2013 9:41 pm

"A-a while..."
Beatrix stuttered, slowly becoming less frustrated and more afraid of this Elder Anya. How many mysterious beings were in this wood? Gael, Ammon, Anya and herself all, at the very least, appeared to be more than human. Ammon simply knew too much, you could look into his eyes and the knowledge within them seemed deeper than the ocean. Anya....Too friendly, so much at ease in this environment. For someone so outspoken, it was clear she had many secrets as well.....It suddenly dawned upon Beatrix that she had not bothered to actually look at this woman. She had looked with human eyes and her human eyes only, and this had been a massive mistake. This woman could be anything...and Gael might be in danger.
Suddenly, Beatrix snapped back into real life, and came out of her mind. She realized she had merely been staring as the Elder known as "Grandma Anya" as she dragged her precious Gael across the floor.
Without a word, and nearly without a sound, Beatrix swept across the floor to where Anya knelt. The golden-eyed chimera used her supernatural strength to lift the woman to a standing position by gripping her cloak. Beatrix may have been shorter than Anya, but her strength was all she needed to make her point.
Beatrix's brilliant, venomous golden eyes met Anya'a multi-colored ones as she hissed through gritted teeth something only Anya would know.


OOC: Just to be clear, Alisandraa is Anya's True Name.

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PostSubject: Re: Dark Creatures Live In The Dark Forest    Mon Oct 07, 2013 10:32 pm

Natasha was suddenly wrenched to her feet and she winced as the arthritis in her "old joints" flared up.
"Now enough lass," She said, her eyes shifting color very rapidly. "You have nothing to fear from me if you are keeping the law. Now, as I said before. Let's help your friend."

Natasha dusted off Beatrix's hands and she steadied herself, her eyes narrowing. She moved around Beatrix and knelt by Gael again.
"Now, what happened before he was dragged down into this-" Natasha hesitated, not sure how to describe this situation.
Her skirts rustled as she settled down, checking his pulse. "Stupor."
There, that word should work. He did seem to be going in and out of consciousness or sanity quite a bit. Vaguely she wondered if had anything to do with the coming full moon.
"How soon is the full moon?"

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PostSubject: Re: Dark Creatures Live In The Dark Forest    Mon Oct 07, 2013 10:57 pm

Gael hissed through his teeth. He didn't like the old woman, she smelled like funny plants and the changing colors of her eyes was absurd. One moment one color, the next minute another. They distracted him from his hazy thoughts, almost hypnotically. A whimper worked its way out of his throat and he shied closer to Beatrix, away from the old woman with the loud voice and the demonic eyes.

Yet there was something she said. A phrase, a word leaped out at him from the tangled array of harsh contrast and muted sound. The moon, she said something about the moon. At its mention, he ears flattened like a terrified dog's to his scull. The full moon, he was sure it had been a question.

"Tomorrow." It came out as a rasp. Eyes that were over-bright from fever stared at the old woman. "It's coming." He had been forced into transformation only once before when he was ill; it had not ended well. When the wolf had left him as the sun rose, he had found himself weaker and more drained than before. How would he fare with a broken leg? His mind struggled to fathom this idea, but found only a sick and dizzying pit of hopeless dread. He allowed his body to fall back, to go limp, to succumb to the fire that burned throughout his beaten body. He wanted it to end, for the moon to arrive and take away the fear.

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PostSubject: Re: Dark Creatures Live In The Dark Forest    

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Dark Creatures Live In The Dark Forest
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